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Reduced carbon footprint in operation

Transforming the ocean surveying and inspection industry using autonomous vehicles and unique sensor and imaging technology

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Argeo is a company focusing on technology, advanced methods and digital models

Our specialty is constructing and designing advanced and highly accurate digital models based on geophysical, hydrographic, and geological methods, as well as sensors and robotic / autonomous technology for purposes such as Infrastructure, Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and Marine Minerals.

The company was established in 2017 and has offices in Asker and in Tromsø, Norway. Since the start-up, we have carried out complex projects for some of Norway’s largest companies in the field.




Argeo focus on technology as service by employing advanced sensors and autonomy through robotization, blended with clever use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning underpinning our capability in data modeling and advanced visualization techniques.

Sustainable development goals
–  Is part of the company’s philosophy and vision
Affordable and cost-effective clean energy with a strong focus on offshore wind and how our services through sustainable operations contribute to a significantly better environment

Argeos automated and digital solutions contribute to increased development and lower costs projects using innovative and novel solutions for the ocean space industry

Significant reduction of CO2 emissions in our operations through mobile solutions that lead to less useless transport between projects and that contribute to lower costs for our customers.

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Infrastructure & Installations

Infrastructure & Installations

Argeo’s Services Contribute to Faster, Better and Overall Cheaper Infrastructure Projects

Argeo Survey performs advanced mapping, imaging and underground modeling of areas with planned design structures where the requirement for high accuracy is important to reduce project risk and hence construction costs. Since 2017, Argeo has provided advanced underground data for models of bridges, railways, ports, and tunnels, and in this way significantly reduced project risk and costs.

Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Advanced Mapping Services based on Robotic or Autonomous Ocean Space Technology

Argeo Survey uses a state-of-the-art sensor, robotics, and autonomous technology for the best possible data resolution for the imaging of our customers’ projects. Several high-quality sensory technologies gathered in one autonomous vehicle (link Hugin) as well as our 3DmUHR (link) solution which contribute to an area visualization that reduces project risk and therefore cost as well.

  • Pre-survey and enviornmental survey for project engineering (Initial)
  • Full site survey (Design)
  • Update for installation
  • Operational support / Inspection

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Argeo Contributes to the Green Energy Transition in Pipeline and Site Inspections by Utilizing Autonomous Vehicles with a Very Low Carbon Footprint

Argeo Survey uses state-of-the-art robotics and autonomous technology to provide the best possible data resolution for inspections. By using high-quality sensor technology and sensor-based pipeline tracking software from Kongsberg in Hugin and Munin to streamline maintenance projects we can provide an image with a resolution accuracy of 2-4 cm. In addition to vital information for your project, it detects physical damage and corrosion with our advanced adjacent sensors.

Marine Minerals

Marine Minerals

Deep Ocean Space | Geoscience & Exploration Solutions

Our team has experience in multi-AUV operations in deep water and rough terrain both in Norwegian territorial waters and in high seas. Argeo’s expertise in multi-geophysical data analysis and interpretation, and integrated modeling enables digitization of the remote ocean spaces with insight into subsurface. We provide a full spectrum of services necessary for effective Deep Ocean Space exploration to enable knowledge-based decisions for the emerging deep-sea mining activities:

• Autonomous underwater survey design and mission planning
• Geophysical and environmental data acquisition
• Data processing with AI-based solutions
• Integrated data analysis and management
• Contextualized understanding




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