Results from integrated unmanned EPCI survey

Jul 14, 2021 | News

Asker, 14 July 2021: Argeo was contracted for a planned Aquaculture construction project, Argeo was hired to survey a marine area to reduce construction risk and to integrate geotechnical sampling with the hydrographic and geophysical data using unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). Argeo’s surveyors were able to autonomously acquire multibeam echo sounder and sub-bottom profiler data covering the full area in less than three days. The data was then processed and integrated with geotechnical data (total sounding), to give accurate interpretations and a highly detailed digital model of the sub-bottom. Argeo’s complete integration workflow, from acquisition to detailed digital model was quick, at a low cost and with low CO2 emissions.

The Mariner SE unmanned survey platform

The Maritime Robotics Otter survey platform











Multibeam echo sounder bathymetric data was collected using a Maritime Robotics Otter USV and the sub-bottom profiler data was collected using a Maritime Robotics Mariner USV. Bathymetric data is of high quality with a resolution of 20cm. Using grey colours and hill shading, it also gave the client an accurate prediction of areas with sediment coverage vs areas of exposed bedrock.

Multibeam and backscatter data

Digital map of top bedrock surface

The sub bottom profiler data was collected in an in-line/crossline pattern with 20 meters spacing and gave a more than sufficient sediment penetration of up to 20 meters. Through integration with multibeam echosounder data and total sounding data collected by the client, it was used to create a detailed model of the top bedrock and sediment thickness across the area.

Sediment thickness map

Integration and correlation between geophysical and geotechnical data

Mr. Trond F. Crantz, CEO of Argeo commented as follows:

“I’m very pleased with the exceptional results from this project, which is a testament to the brilliant skills of our GEO-team and yet again proves to our demanding clients how very accurate digital models of a project can save millions of Dollars in the later design and construction phase. The efficiency from unmanned autonomous acquisition through a streamlined data management workflow proves our concept of Faster, Better and Greener solutions at a lower cost for our customers and we have more exiting news to be released during our Q2 presentation on the development of this very promising technology.”

For more information, please contact:

Trond Figenschou Crantz, CEO


Phone: +47 976 37 273

Argeo in brief

Argeo is a company with a mission to transform the ocean surveying and inspection industry by utilizing autonomous surface and underwater robotics solutions. Equipped with unique sensors and advanced digital imaging technology, the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (“AUVs”) will significantly increase efficiency and imaging quality in addition to contribute to significant reduction in CO2 emissions from operations for the global industry in which the Company operates. The Company’s highly accurate digital models and digital twin solutions are based on geophysical, hydrographic and geological methods from shallow waters to the deepest oceans for market segments in Infrastructure, Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and Deep Sea Minerals.

Argeo was established in 2017 and has offices in Asker and Tromsø, Norway. Since its incorporation, Argeo has carried out complex projects for some of Norway’s largest companies in the field.



Half-year operational update

Half-year operational update

Below are highlights from our half-year operational update from Argeo. You can download the full update presentation here: Download Full Operational Update (PDF) Vessel Inspection: Completed intermediate planned vessel inspection in Durban Docking &...