Purchase of a new Hugin 6000 AUV system from Kongsberg

Mar 24, 2022 | News, Uncategorized

Argeo confirms that an agreement has been signed with Kongsberg Maritime for the purchase of a Hugin 6000 AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) for early H2 2022.

ASKER, 24 March 2022:

The Hugin 6000 is Argeo’s second Hugin system and will be commercially available from the beginning of H2 2022. The system is scheduled to commence work directly after completing delivery to Argeo. Further announcement on this project will follow.

– We are pleased to announce this important addition to our fleet of vehicles. The Hugin 6000 is a state-of-the-art ultra-deep water autonomous vehicle with all the necessary payload systems to make it one of the most advanced high-capacity survey machines in the world, says Argeo’s CEO, Trond Crantz.

The Hugin 6000 system comprises the following commercial payloads:

Synthetic Aperture Sonar: HISAS 1032
Multibeam: EM2040
Sub-Bottom Profiler: EdgeTech DW-216 (2-16 KHz)
Colour camera: CathX Hunter UHD + LED panels
Laser: CathX Dual Mode Laser profiling
Environmental sensors: WetLabs FLNTU Turbidity
Magnetometer: Applied Physics
Electro Magnetics: *Argeo Robotics Cathodic Protection Measurement “Listen”
Electro Magnetics: *Argeo Robotics EM system “Whisper”

* Argeo Robotics system will be installed after first project is completed

With this purchase Argeo’s fleet expands to four high capacity AUV’s, a USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) and the Eelume UID (Underwater Inspection Drone). The complete AUV Hugin 6000 AUV system includes a full LARS container and an OPS container system which can be strategically placed in Argeo’s main Geomarkets for rapid deployment serving the company’s global customers with state-of-the-art technology and data. All data collected is processed onboard the AUV using onboard-post processing and mosaicking software to allow quick turnaround during missions and improved decision making for the customer.

The AUV enables deep-sea surveys to the benefit of marine industries including Installations & Infrastructure, Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and Deep-Sea Minerals.


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