EM-sensor systems and applications

May 25, 2022 | Argeo Talks, News

Argeo have developed a new low-noise high-sensitive tailor-made electrode receiver system for AUVs combined with magnetometers and a controlled active electric current source.

The passive electromagnetic system measures the electric and magnetic fields in the seawater, which can be used to measure the electric field from a Cathodic Protection system, track buried power line cables and measure the self-induced electric field from Deep Sea Minerals (DSM).

The active electromagnetic system generates and measures a controlled electric and magnetic field in the seawater, which can be used to detect Un-eXploded Ordnance (UXO), tracking of buried pipelines and detect and delineate DSM.

Learn more about the technology and capabilities of Argeo’s EM-sensor systems in the upcoming webinar. 

Half-year operational update

Half-year operational update

Below are highlights from our half-year operational update from Argeo. You can download the full update presentation here: Download Full Operational Update (PDF) Vessel Inspection: Completed intermediate planned vessel inspection in Durban Docking &...