Connect with us at Oceanology International

Feb 16, 2024 | News

Argeo will be exhibiting at Oceanology International 12-14 March in London, Stand L100.

The Stand will be staffed by both Argeo’s commercial team as well as our domain experts, available for questions and discussion.

Please come by the stand and if you like, you can already now book at time and even provide the topics you would like to discuss. Just fill out below form, and we’ll get back to you to confirm.

Our experts

Martine: To learn more about the integrated sensor packages on Argeo’s expanding superior AUV fleet and the data that can be acquired in the Ocean Space, you should book Martine for an update.

Kristian: Argeo SCOPE is our in-house developed digital platform for storing, mapping and visualising all the different types of seabed data. To learn about the unique capabilities book Kristian.

Johan: LISTEN and WHISPER are Argeo’s inhouse developed electromagnetic magnetic system for cathodic protection inspection, tracking dead and live cables and buried pipelines using an AUV. Book our Chief Physicist, Johan, to discuss the unique capabilities of the system.

Thorbjørn: Argeo is developing new advanced sensor and robotic solutions for improved Ocean Space data acquisition from our AUV’s. Do you want to learn more? Book CTO Thorbjørn Rekdal.

Bengt: Argeo is expanding the AUV fleet with unique sensor capabilities, which can operate down to 6,000 m water depth in many different environments. To understand the technical solutions, book Bengt who is our Technical Manager.

Half-year operational update

Half-year operational update

Below are highlights from our half-year operational update from Argeo. You can download the full update presentation here: Download Full Operational Update (PDF) Vessel Inspection: Completed intermediate planned vessel inspection in Durban Docking &...