Upgraded Argeo Venture has started transit for TotalEnergies project

Apr 9, 2024 | News

Argeo Venture has completed its conversion upgrade in Norway and started the transit April 7th towards West-Africa for a project with international energy company TotalEnergies. The project is progressing according to plan and both the 90-meter-long vessel and the Hugin Superior AUV has completed its sea trials and is currently in transit.

The project has been split and finalized in two phases. Phase one for the reactivation and major steel work carried out at Halsnøy Yard and phase two the installation of the subsea crane and final commissioning at Fjelstrand Yard.

Some of the upgrades comprises of:

  • 50t Active Heave Compensated subsea crane installed and commissioned with all required certification
  • Dynamic Positioning (DPII) system upgraded and certified to IMCA Standards
  • Removal of old seismic hangard to cater for 350 m2 free deck space
  • 6 x 1800 KW Wartsila 9L20diesel electric generators fully overhaled
  • 2 x Schottl of 3100 KW each fully overhaled and recommissioned
  • 2x Brunwoll thruster of 850 KW and 1200 KW fully overhaled and recommissioned
  • Bridge electronics and equipment fully overhaled and recertified to latest IMO Regulations
  • AUV launch and recovery system in place
  • Argeo’s new Hugin Superior AUV
  • New onboard data processing system installed
  • Dedicated client rooms for interpretation
  • Back deck preparation for mounting geotechnical equipment

Above: Argeo Venture at Fjellstrand yard

“First off all I would like to congratulate the entire team at Halsnøy and Fjelstrand yard and Argeo for a very well executed conversion and upgrade project. Argeo Venture represents a significant leap forward in our capability to serve our clients and deliver value in the offshore energy sector and is now fitted with enhanced equipment, advanced technology, and dedicated spaces for client interpretation, we’re poised to provide unparalleled support for projects like the one with Total Energies in West Africa. These upgrades underscore our commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that Argeo continues to lead the way in subsea services and customer satisfaction,” says Argeo CEO, Trond F. Crantz.

The project ahead will provide deep- water services for international energy company TotalEnergies and will occupy the vessel for the remainder of 2024. “This contract affirms our capability to provide top tier deep-water services and highlights our strong presence within the industry,” Crantz concludes.

AUV being launched from vessel

Above: Launching Hugin Superior from Argeo Venture

Above: Argeo Venture’s operations room