Argeo’s Proprietary Technology: Advancing Deep-Sea Exploration and Marine Minerals Resource Assessment

Apr 29, 2024 | News

The Norwegian government’s recent decision to open the Norwegian Exclusive Economic Zone for mineral activities marks a significant milestone. Preceding this decision, the Norwegian Offshore Directorate conducted a systematic deep-sea mapping initiative, with Argeo providing support through its exploration technology and services utilized for seabed mapping in 2023. Argeo remains committed to advancing remote sensing solutions, enhancing both technological capabilities and practical experience in this emerging industry.

As a company specializing in deep-sea exploration and mineral mapping, we’ve closely followed the opening process from the start. Recognizing the critical role of comprehensive seafloor mapping and the existing knowledge gaps, we align with Norway’s emphasis on establishing a robust knowledge base to guide mineral extraction decisions, with industry involvement playing an important role. Our dedication lies in harnessing our technology and expertise to gather essential environmental and geophysical data, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions, says Anna Lim, Marine Minerals Manager & Discipline Leader at Argeo.

Argeo’s AUV systems, including the latest HUGIN Superiors, featuring fully integrated Argeo’s patented technology like Argeo LISTEN, including our new product Argeo DISCOVER represent the forefront of marine mineral exploration technology. These AUVs operate autonomously, with capabilities to dive up to 6000 meters, mapping seabed minerals and features without physical contact, ensuring minimal disturbance. With the latest developments like Argeo WHISPER and Argeo DISCOVER, we’re pushing boundaries further, aiming to provide unprecedented insight into subsurface structures and facilitating more confident resource estimation. Crucially, our commitment extends beyond mineral assessment. We continuously deploy a wide array of environmental sensors to map the environmental baseline and monitor crucial parameters like temperature, oxygen, methane concentration, pH levels, and turbidity, among others over time.

Argeo’s comprehensive seabed mapping and characterization expertise, combined with our Marine Minerals technological solutions, provides actionable data for informed decision-making. Through our platform, ‘Argeo SCOPE,’ visualized data enables authorities and other stakeholders to make knowledge-based decisions and collaborate across multi-disciplinary teams ensuring all aspects – geological, environmental, economic – are considered.

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