Argeo is granted new patent for acoustic tracking of buried subsea objects

Jun 19, 2024 | News

Argeo Robotics AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Argeo AS, has been granted a new patent from the Norwegian Industrial Patent office (Patentstyret) using acoustic sensors for tracking buried pipelines/objects below the seafloor.

The patent protects an innovative use of acoustic sensors on AUVs to follow an object even when it is buried. The innovation is a solution to the challenge of following a pipeline with an AUV. The method can be combined with Argeo’s electromagnetic sensor system, Argeo Listen, to acoustically track a buried pipeline while simultaneously inspecting the pipeline measuring its electromagnetic field.

This latest patent marks the sixth (6) successful grant for Argeo from its Intellectual Rights portfolio under Argeo Robotics since its listing in 2021.

Trond F. Crantz, CEO of Argeo, emphasizes, “This patent contributes to enhancing our competitive edge, strengthening our offering for efficient pipeline inspections and reinforces our intellectual property portfolio.”

Thorbjørn Rekdal, CTO at Argeo, states, “Tracking objects that are buried below the seafloor has been a challenge for the industry. This invention offers a solution that we are delighted to have protected with a patent.”

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