About us

Argeo is a company with a mission to transform the ocean surveying and inspection industry by utilizing autonomous surface and underwater robotics solutions.

Equipped with unique sensors and advanced digital imaging technology, the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (“AUVs”) will significantly increase efficiency and imaging quality in addition to contribute to significant reduction in CO2 emissions from operations for the global industry in which the Company operates.

Who we are


Our mission

Argeos main mission is to transform the ocean surveying and inspection industry. Read more Read more


Argeo Values

Our company values provide the foundation for our goals, policies, business principles, and actions. Read more 



Argeo has a strong management team with solid industry experience.
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Close to our customers

Argeo believes in having regional offices to facilitate close operations in key industrial areas. This builds strategic and long-term relationships, as well as in depth local industry know-how with our key customers. Currently Argeo operates in two locations in Norway, (Asker and Tromsø), in Sweden (Stockholm), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), the US (Houston) and Singapore.

Lower emissions

Reducing the industry’s environmental footprint is one of Argeo’s long term goals. As we understand it is not an over night process we are committed to explore low-emission solutions where possible.

This means developing and utilizing low-emission and electric vehicles such as AUVs and USVs as well as measuring our operational carbon footprint. You can read more about this in our HSEQ section.

Faster and cost effective

Argeo is a technology-driven company, always seeking new ways to reduce our customers operation time and cost. An AUV is for example 3-5 times as fast as a ROV and our cutting edge sensor pack Argeo Listen can significantly improve the speed of pipeline cathodic protection inspections.

Higher quality data

By adding data from the unique sensor technology embedded in our assets  we can provide our customers with higher quality data and visualization.