Argeo Listen

“Argeo Listen” measures the strength of electromagnetic fields emitted from subsea objects in the water column or below the seafloor.

Cathodic Protection

Zinc sacrificial anodes are used to protect pipelines and subsea installations from corrosion. The anodes corrode in stead of the pipeline and needs to be replaced from time to time. By flying Argeo’s AUV over the pipe Argeo Listen measures and identifies the condition of these anodes from the strength of the electromagnetic field. The measurements can be used to determine the need for replacement.

Cable Inspection and positioning

By flying Argeo’s AUV over the seafloor Argeo Listen can localize electrical cables that have been buried or exposed by shifting sand dunes on the seabed. The tool pinpoints the cable’s position including burial depth, in real time. Repeated surveys can be used to predict future trends in cable positioning movements and changes in burial depths. 

Argeo Listen integrated in SeaRaptor

A gamechanger for pipeline inspection of cathodic protection system

  • Contactless inspection up to 8 times faster than conventional ROV methods
  • Up-to 150 km of pipeline inspection per day
  • Deliver high density measurements
  • Data analysis during field operations
  • Both pipelines buried and on seafloor
  • Simultaneous data acquisition from other sensors

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