Argeo Whisper

“Argeo Whisper” emits electrical signals from the AUV and measures the signals detecting objects with conductive properties that stands out from its surroundings.

Buried Pipeline Tracking

Argeo Whisper enables fast and efficient tracking of buried pipelines and other conductive objects from utilizing AUV platform.

By emitting electrical signals, and identifying the location and signal strength of the reflecting object the tool can decide direction, position and depth of the pipeline.

The direction is determined real-time to provide the AUV with steering instructions.  This system is currently in development.


Detection of UXO

With “Argeo Whisper” one can identify and locate conductive objects, on or buried below the seafloor. Unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys are performed prior to seabed installations.  “Argeo Whisper” enables UXO surveys with AUV sailing 10-20 m above the seafloor with sailline distances 3-4 times sparser than conventional methods using a crewed surface vessel towing magnetometers at 1-2 m above the seafloor. This system is currently in development.

Argeo Whisper is an electromagnetic source and sensor system for AUV and ROV that can be used for detecting, and positioning buried conductive objects.

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