Argeo SCOPE is Argeo’s new cloud-based solution for management, analysis, and interpretation of Ocean Space data. Argeo SCOPE enables fast and performant 3D visualization of Ocean Space Data in a user-friendly browser-based interface, supporting a collaborative data sharing and a smoother interpretation workflow. 

Data to value

SCOPE enables advanced, adaptable, 2D and 3D visualization of a broad spectrum of geospatial data sources. Built with a browser-based front end, it incorporates a suite of collaborative tools facilitating data sharing, annotation, interpretation, and systematic reportingArgeo SCOPE integrates a range of data types including bathymetry, backscatter, Synthetic Aperture Sonar, seismic/SBP data, WMS sources, CAD models and documents. Through the application, Argeo SCOPE enables users to efficiently execute their tasks, uncover novel insights, and enhance the intrinsic value of their data and assets.  










The future of ocean space data

Effective collaboration through near real time data 

Argeo SCOPE provides your entire asset team with a unique solution for collaborative analysis, interpretation and decision-making. 

Access data anywhere, anytime!

  • Browser based interface – no application download
  • Always updated software
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Tailored on-prem solutions possible

Near realtime data!

  • Rapid data transfer from asset to ship via Starlink
  • Handles entire down -and upstream flow of data between Argeo Searcher, Argeo’s on-shore team and customer

redundancies and increase data security with centralized cloud-based storage

our in-platform data interpretation tools designed for comprehensive analysis and deeper insights

our integrated collaborative tools to enhance team
synergy and foster effective communication

Intuitive visualizations bring complex data to life

Explore complex, high-resolution data displayed in advanced 2D and 3D visuals. Our platform equips you with tools to give your data context, providing tailored solutions for simple visualization and presentation of intricate datasets.


  • Advanced and adaptable 3D and 2D visualization of complex data 
  • Tools for data contextualization and cataloging  
  • Taggable data – searchable independent of file formats and storage
  • User-friendly data filtering and selection process  

Easy access to decision-ready data

Argeo SCOPE provides a dynamic and geo-spatially correct data library with fully rendered visualizations of complex subsea datasets. Our team’s data enrichment and interpretation process allow for efficient and reliable decision-making grounds.


  • Collect, process, and analyse large amounts of data 
  • Interpretations and data enrichment by Argeo Specialists 
  • Multiphysics coming together all in one integrating platform
  • Annotations based on Subsea Object Detection and Mapping (SSDM) standards, allowing for a collaborative interpretation and reporting that adheres to industry standards

Seamless integration of data sources

Argeo SCOPE lets you seamlessly integratedifferent types of data at a variety of resolutions into a single, contextualized view. Examples of sources: 


  • Synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) 
  • Sub-bottom profiler (SBP) 
  • Backscatter 
  • Bathymetry 
  • Electromagnetic field data 
  • Subsea camera video and snapshots 
  • Laser measurements
  • Geo-taggable documents
  • WMS Services 
  • Interpreted surfaces and horizons from legacy platforms

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