Investor relations

Articles of association


(Adopted 3 November 2023 )

§ 1     The name of the company is Argeo AS.

§ 2     The Company’s business activities is to offer services, participate and invest
within technological, geological and geophysical activities.

§ 3      The company’s share capital is NOK 19 289 992.40 divided into 192 899 924 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 0,10

The shares shall be registered in the Norwegian Register of Securities
(Euronext VPS).

§ 4     The Company’s board consists of 2 to 6 members.

§ 5     For documents concerning issues to be addressed at the general meeting
that are made available to the shareholders on the company’s website, the
statutory requirement that the documents must be sent to the
shareholders does not apply. This also applies to the documents that
pursuant to law must be included in or attached to the notice convening
the general meeting. A shareholder can however demand that such
documents are sent to him.

§ 6     The shares in the Company are freely transferable. Transfer of shares is
not subject to approval from the board of directors and the shareholders
do not have pre-emptive rights.

§ 7     Otherwise, reference is made to the Companies Act.

§ 8    The company shall have a nomination committee, which is elected by the General Meeting.

The nomination committee shall present proposals to the General Meeting regarding (i) the election of the Chairman of the Board, board members, and any deputy members of the Board and (ii) the election of members of the nomination committee. The nomination committee shall also present proposals to the General Meeting for remuneration of the Board and the nomination committee, determined by the General Meeting.

The General Meeting shall adopt instructions for the nomination committee.