North Sea season opportunities

Our fully rigged multipurpose survey support vessel is set up with two high capability AUVs on board, a USV and option for WROV to provide cost effective survey and inspection services in the areas of the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea.

Fully rigged survey support vessel with AUV/WROV setup

Argeo Searcher survey support vessel

  • AUV’s: 2x SeaRaptor 6000
  • ROV: WROV/Observation/Survey (option)
  • Instrumentation and acoustic positioning (SON/HIPAP)
  • Dedicated instrument/operations room
  • Computerized onboard data processing center
  • Marlink VSAT/Starlink communication

High-capability SeaRaptor AUVs

  • Depth rated to 6,000m
  • Up to 50 hours battery capacity
  • Autonomous
  • Low CO2 footprint

Advanced sensor package

  • Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS)
  • Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES)
  • Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP)
  • Magnetometer
  • Camera and laser
  • EM sensors (see Proprietary technology below)

USV Argeo Argus

  • Flexible aft deck for multiple payloads
  • Configurable moonpools (2x)
  • Independent propulsion systems (2x)
  • Integrated geophysical / hydrographical sensors
    (MBES and SBP)
  • Stabilizer for improved data and communication quality
  • Remote operated from Onshore Mission Control
  • Can either work separately or as a force multiplier for AUV operation
  • Can perform operations with towed equipment
    (e.g. Mag and SSS)

Work ROV

  • For inspection and maintenance services
  • Please contact us for disussions

What we do


  • Survey
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance & Repair


  • Geophysical survey
  • Hydrographical survey
  • Route survey
  • Environmental survey
  • Ultra-high-resolution photo
  • Shallow-water USV Survey
  • Decommissioning

Data as a Service

  • Flexible data access models
  • Lighter and faster procurement processes
    • Offshore wind concessions
    • Greenfield survey
    • Environmental survey


  • Sensor technology
    • Argeo LISTEN

    • Argeo WHISPER

  • Digital Platform
    • Argeo SCOPE

Our proprietary technology

Argeo Listen

A passive electro-magnetic system for electric and magnetic field measurements in sea water that is fully integrated on the SeaRaptor AUV. The system can operate down to 6000m water depth and is perfect for inspection of subsea cathodic protection systems, positioning of buried power cables and mineral exploration.

Argeo Whisper

Argeo Whisper is an active electro-magnetic system for electric and magnetic field measurements in sea water that enables fast and efficient mapping of buried pipelines and other conductive objects, like UXO’s, from utilizing AUV platform.


The data will be made available in Argeo SCOPE, which is a fast and performant cloud-based solution for storage and integration of Ocean Space Data for 3D Visualization. The solution provides your entire asset team with a unique solution for collaborative analysis, interpretation and decision making.


  • Easy access enabling collaboration
  • Simple visualization of complex data
  • Access to decision-ready data
  • Seamless integration of data sources into one contextualized view

Vice President Sales
Ruben Kornmo Janssen
+47 93888907

Tender Manager
Christian Halvorsen
+47 92863499