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Argeo is pleased to introduce a new business model into the Offshore Wind Park space. We want our clients to be able to have quality data at hand when evaluating sites and developing their offshore wind power stations at Utsira Nord.

Argeo is a company with a mission to transform the ocean surveying and inspection industry by utilizing autonomous surface and underwater robotics solutions. Equipped with unique sensors and advanced digital imaging technology, these autonomous underwater vehicles (“AUV’s”) will significantly increase efficiency and imaging quality in addition to contribute to substantially reduce CO2 emissions from operations for this global industry. The company’s highly accurate digital models and digital twin solutions are based on geophysical, hydrographic, and geological methods from shallow water to the deepest oceans for market segments in Infrastructure, Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and Deep Sea Minerals. Argeo was established in 2017 and has offices in Asker and Tromsø, Norway. Since the start-up, Argeo have carried out complex projects for some of Norway’s largest companies in the field.”

Sustainable development goals

 –  Is part of the company’s philosophy and vision

Affordable and cost-effective clean energy

Strong focus on offshore wind and how our services through sustainable operations contribute to a significantly better environment

Argeos automated and digital solutions contribute to increased development and lower costs projects using innovative and novel solutions for the ocean space industry

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Argeo uses local resources and services in our value chain
  • Project-based vessel charter globally that significantly limits transit and hence CO2 emissions in operations
  • New sensors that in a better way reduce the risk for our customers’ projects with fabrication provided by 3rd party suppliers

Environmental actions

  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions in our operations
  • Mobile solutions that lead to less useless transport between projects and that contribute to lower costs for our customers and thus enable projects that can otherwise be assumed to be too cost-driving and therefore not feasible.